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Do you need help packing for your next show? Do you wonder what everyone else is packing? At Showpig, we know that packing for a national show can be a daunting task. Whether you’re packing for yourself, or for the whole family, the Sponcil family from Greenfield, Ohio has some great tips so you don’t forget a thing! 

The family of four, parents Ray and Melissa and their sons, Cade (age 18) and Noah (age 15), have been traveling the United States showing pigs for 15 years. This summer they will be traveling to The Exposition, Summer Spectacular and The Ohio State Fair. The Sponcils enjoy the excitement and preparation of the shows. They also treasure the opportunity to see friends from across the country. Their comprehensive list of essential show supplies and items that ensure personal comfort is sure to make for a successful and enjoyable experience! 


  • Comfy chair: for relaxing during downtime. 

  • Pocket book 


  • Paperwork: Includes hotel or camping information, health papers, pedigrees, YQCA certificate, and entry information. 

  • Show clothes: Plenty of jeans and belts (Do NOT forget the belts!!). 

  • Shoes: Make sure they fit! (I’ve bought more at shows than I care to admit). 

  • Barn and dinner clothes: Separate outfits for working in the barn and going out to dinner (If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Indiana, hit up the Oceanaire!). 

  • Food: For travel, show days, and the hotel or camper. 

  • Drinks: Lots of Gatorade and water. 

  • Contest supplies: Clipboards, stenopads, swine handbook, and pig notes for skillathons and judging contests. 


  • Feed and shavings: Basics and essentials. 

  • Equipment: Buckets, feed cart, mixing spoons, water filter, feeders, and wire. 

  • Additives: Electrolytes, Ensure, tuna, and eggs. 

  • Tack: Whips, brushes, combs, fans, and pop-up tent. 

  • Oils: Conditioner and soap. 

  • Clipping supplies

  • Pig-specific items: Any needs for individual pigs. 

  • Pen tack: Divider gates, shavings rack, and zip ties.

  • Comfort items: Chairs, cooler, and speaker.


  • Phone and AirPods: For personal entertainment and tuning out. 

  • Haribo gummy bears: The addiction is real, LOL. 

  • Extra blankets: For snoozing between shows. 

  • Family chairs: Specific chairs for each family member (We are very particular about our chair situation at shows). 

  • Dinner food: For evening meals. 

  • Pigs: Specifically their Durocs. 

  • Gas for generator 

  • Extra shavings (Have you ever seen my dad run out of shavings at a show, scary). 

This comprehensive list covers everything from personal comfort to essential show supplies. Make a list of your own so you are sure not to forget a thing. Good luck to all of the Showpig families traveling this summer! 

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